Wisegate is an experience-sharing platform for IT leaders. Using the Wisegate platform IT leaders can interact with a peer community via online discussions and polls, live calls and leverage work products contributed by peers. Wisegate allows IT leaders to get first-hand insights directly from peers and stay connected between conferences and meet-ups. Wisegate was acquired by 451 Research in January 2017.

Conrad Labs was involved developing the Wisegate platform since near company inception. The Web portal is built upon a service-oriented architecture using Grails, Spring Framework, Elasticsearch, and MySQL. The platform also features several 3rd-party integrations including online payment processing, CRM, SMS messaging, and embedded customer satisfaction. Wisegate is powered by AWS services including compute, S3, Route 53, SQS, SNS, SES, and Lambda microservices. Conrad Labs also developed native iOS and Android mobile apps for Wisegate.

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