Marcus Technologies is revolutionizing the protein trading and logistics industries with its innovative use of cloud computing technologies. The Marcus Technologies trading platform offers a seamless connection between vendors, buyers, and traders, providing value throughout the entire process. This groundbreaking platform is disrupting the traditionally low-tech food sales industry, providing a more efficient and effective way to do business.

The Marcus Technologies trading platform was developed as a Greenfield Project by Conrad Labs, with guidance from the protein trading experts at Marcus Technologies. The platform is built on a service-oriented architecture, using advanced technologies such as Spring Boot, Java, Angular, Elasticsearch, and MySQL. The platform also features 3rd-party integrations with leading CRM provider Salesforce and Marcus Technologies’ parent company’s legacy ERP. The trading platform is powered by AWS services including compute, S3, Route 53, SQS, SNS, and SES.

By leveraging cutting-edge cloud computing technologies and a wealth of industry expertise, Marcus Technologies is transforming the protein trading and logistics industries. The Marcus Technologies trading platform offers unparalleled efficiency and value to vendors, buyers, and traders, and represents a major step forward for the food sales industry.

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