Conrad Labs is proud to have partnered with Alif Care, Pakistan’s first fully managed, evidence-based solution for managing diabetes. As a leading outsourced software development service, Conrad Labs played an integral role in building Alif Care’s comprehensive and integrated care platform and app, which empowers individuals with diabetes to live healthier and happier lives.

Working closely with Alif Care’s world-class medical team, Conrad Labs developed a seamless, user-friendly app that enables real-time patient data monitoring, accessible communication with expert clinical staff, and access to personalized step-by-step care plans. Additionally, our collaboration facilitated the creation of an intelligent dashboard for doctors, allowing them to focus on patients who need help. In contrast, AI-driven insights help improve patient care plans over time. With the combined expertise of Conrad Labs and Alif Care, patients and doctors can now benefit from a fully managed care program tailored to specific needs backed by cutting-edge technology.


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