Conrad Labs is what
People make it.

We're a people-centric company that builds upon individual strengths through mentoring, training and writing lots of clever code.

Job Openings

Senior Engineer

Fulltime | Lahore

Senior Engineer

Solid technical expertise, Continuous learning, Strong interpersonal skills

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Hiring Process

Once you've sent in your application for one of the open positions or if we've reached out to you through a referral or a cold call, here are some of the ways we'll try and assess you in our hiring process.

  • Short Intro Call - Before diving into in-depth evaluations, we'll schedule an intro call to learn more about you, your interests and aspirations. These conversations are done with a peer-on-the-team and help us assess you on the key skills required for the role.

  • Online assessments - Depending on the role you've applied for, you might be required to attempt an online coding assignment.

  • In-depth Interviews
    • Pair Programming - You're given a hard problem or a set of problems, solvable of course, and you'll have access to help from the interview panel.
    • Design Evaluation - We want to assess your software design and architecture skills.

  • The Final Showdown - CL really is what our people make it. We hire for attitude and love to have honest and candid conversations.

  • Decision and Offer - After the interviews, we'll review your application and interviews. If we decide that you're the best fit for the role, we'll reach out to you with an offer.

Perks & Benefits


Market competitive salary

Health coverage

Health coverage for employees and their families


Annual Reviews

Annual performance based increment & bonus

Home Office

Home office setup for all employees during COVID

Sponsored Training

Strong culture of mentorship and shared responsibility of making people and the Company successful


Company-sponsored training and professional certifications

Paid Trips

Company-sponsored out of city excursion trips with your family

Sports Culture

Plenty of on-premise sports and gaming activities

Free Lunch

Free lunch prepared by our in-house chef (in a COVID free world)

Wellness Programs

Employee engagement and wellness programs fostering a healthy lifestyle

Fun @ CL

Fun and productive work environment for everyone

Work-Life Balance

Flexible work schedules maintaining a work-life balance

Paid Vacation

(15 days PTO) and in addition we have leave policies for medical, compassionate, paternity, hajj/umrah and other emergencies